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Our Cyprus Summer School Travel for 2017

The Seventeenth Joint European Summer School on Technology Enhanced Learning will take place in the four last days of May in Limassol. It is one of the most pleasant cities in Cyprus (enjoy routard’s photos of Limassol =). Our main goal is to change participants view on the role of technologies in learning process by showing potential profits and improving critical stance in thinking.

The learning environment could be even called stimulating, because of a wide range of opportunities for its participants:

  • Improve your personal research skills.
  • Increase your knowledge in a lot of aspects.
  • Find someone with whom you have complimentary research areas and collaborate to maximize efficiency.
  • Take part in different debates and discuses.
  • Find out more about your research field from its experts.

Interdisciplinarity will be the head theme this year, because more and more people telling us that this is extremely hard to stay in boundaries of certain research area.

In programme you can find a lot of different topics but all of them are connected with Technology Enhanced Learning. We hope that our research projects will help you to integrate the most modern and outstanding ideas in your workflow. If you are stuck on certain phase of research, our workshops about practice and methodology can move your ideas on.

What about fun? Well… Here’s the trailer !

As far is you can know, social contacts became rather important in life of modern scientists and doctoral candidates, so our programme include some social events, and most of them are sport activities. Culture part would be available on Saturday before the school and on Sunday after all lectures.


We want to thank all the Cyprus universities, that helped us to find a right place for summer school and gave a lot of knowledge about the culture and sights of this great island. There also will be a lot of workshops provided by European Association of Technology Enhanced Learning. And we could not to thank our financial partners, that make it all happen – Hellenic Bank and IQ Option, popular broker which was founded on Cyprus.


It is great that such institution work not only to get marge, but to help modern science to develop. It is pretty unusual type of sponsor for summer school, so we want to talk about in details.

IQ Option

We all used to some beer or betting companies sponsoring soccer teams, but broker company aimed on binary options giving financial aid to Summer School for TEL is something strange. Unfortunately, this is only one point of view. The fact is that in binary options trading you depend not only on your luck, but on knowledge too. Most of brokers play pretty risky, they do not want to plan more than two or three steps further.

In area of online trading (as our partner’s trading magazine describe it), you have not only trade, but predict the right direction of market movement, so you need to analyze the certain field which is very similar to science research in some ways. So IQ Option is great way to earn some money depending on your intelligence and understanding of market movements, but you should over remember that if we are talking about broker trading, we need to remember about possible risk. That chance of losing still exists, it is small, but you have to take it into account.


All doctoral candidates need to fulfill the application form, which available here  (wait for 15th april to it be available =)and after this they should send it here. Make sure that you ticked off the appropriate box. The deadline for application is on Thursday, February 14th, 2013, but it could be extended for a month.

Accommodation and social events

The Navarria Hotel (tripadvisor reviews + price), where summer school will take place, is pretty close to the center of Limassol. There are a lot of different local sights, such as Limassol District Archaeological Museum and Limassol Castle. Fans of ancient culture could take a short trip to famous Amathus Ruins. Regular busses run from outside the town center, but most of them are moving to other cities. It makes no difference if you arrived in Paphos or Larnaca airport, road to location will take approximately 40 minutes. We are pleased to inform you that you can get to the Summer School by our special bus for JTELSS participants.

Hotel features

Navarria Hotel was built on Limassol waterfront, so you can enjoy the great view from almost any room. If it will be too hot, you can visit spa or luxury outdoor pool.

Still not dreaming to go Cyprus this summer with us?!!

Table tennis, snooker, and gym are default leisure facilities for most of hotels, but we thought that we should mention them.

Travel information

There are two serving international airports in Cyprus, Paphos and Larnaca. Larnaca airport (LCA) is more convenient. It has wide range of flights to most of Middle East and European countries. Some of flights are charter, but the vast of popular directions are served by regular flight. By the way, it is easier to get a shuttle or bus from Larnaca to any other city. The airport got the second terminal five years ago and the expansion phase is still in progress, but the company ensures that Larnaca airport could serve approximately 9 million passengers in 2013. Paphos airport (PFO) is specialized with some other flight directions, but for many participants from North America it could be a convenient in a case where any direct flight is not available.