Our 2018 project : Thailand Travel

Many of you may hear a lot about the Joint European Summer School that took place this year in Cyprus. It was very productive event, and most of participants underlined that JTEL seemed to them as great combination of classes, workshops and cultural events. So we are happy to announce that event will be continued, but now decided to move to Southeast Asia, so we picked the Thailand.


All of this would never become real without our sponsors, National Research Council of Thailand, Thailand Property Market Insights and Research and the IQ Option which is actually getting in Thailand binary options market .

That is why some of promo-information will to took place in our event. Anyway, if the first two sponsors are supporting the country, binary options broker IQ option wants to support the authors of researches and students, which have to deal with a lot of issues, and student loan is the biggest of them. So it would be great, if some of university graduates will learn how to earn some money using their knowledge of market trends and the ability to predict the way that share price will change. And we think that it is great that students are not allow to get some extra working hours and combine them with research activity, because binary options trading is available from mostly everywhere and in any time!


As most of summer schools, we consider JTEL as the best opportunity for students and post-graduates to get a lot of information about Technology Enhanced Learning. At previous event a lot of attention was payed to the European way of thinking, and now we want to change the situation and introduce you Asian way of thinking. Vast of technologies that changed our lives forever was created here, and countries of this region shown the world almost endless scientific potential. And all have to admit that we can learn a lot from them. Participants of previous event will get an invitation form; other wishing people will be able to fill in the application in the middle of 2017.


We have not decided where exactly in Thailand the action will take place, but we are sure that it will be beginning of the year, and it will be frosty in most of European countries. That is why Southeast Asia is great option to forget about the snow and dive into sunny weather and a lot of interesting people. So we will inform you about the place after we will pick it, but if some of you have ideas about it – you may contact us and share them.  You can also find some info about Thailand transports on Lonely Planet.

Anyway, there are many of low-cost flights from Europe to Thailand, and most of them do not require additional registration in Qatar, so you can save time and money. Some of the flights have docking in Beijing, and you may have some hours to walk the city. But for the people, who have been already used to comfort, we highly recommend to choose some of Qatar airlines.


As we still have not decided where the event will be started, there are three possible options.

  1. First is to rent a part of the university dormitory rooms and locate all the participants there.
  2. The second is to give everybody an opportunity to pick hotel on their own, but with one term – it should be located near the place of event, because we do not want you to lost.

    Thailand Hotel : not enough to make you dream ?
    Thailand Hotel : not enough to make you dream ?
  3. And the third one is combination of first two, where some may choose the dormitory room and some may choose the hotel room. We estimate the last one as the most convenient, but we are still opened for your proposals, and you may contact us.


We want the Joint European Summer School for Technology Enhanced Learning to las for 7 days. In first two of them you may explore the city and enjoy the cultural events. At third and fourth day there will be a lot of lectures and discussions so participants can share ideas and understand each other’s ideas better. Day 5 and 6 are related with practicing and approaching, so there will be a lot of workshops from famous lecturers that will help you to find the field for your new research. The last day will also propose you some cultural events to make you more acquainted with local culture.


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